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For a long time, I always wanted to be an escort, but I was scared of how my parents and close friends will react if I break the news to them. I come from a conservative family where it is taboo to even think of becoming an escort. But all in all, I knew what I wanted to do and decided to follow my passion.

Since I did not want to be a freelance escort, the biggest challenge that I had was finding a credible east London escort service. Not all escort agencies in London are reliable. Some are only interested in making money and don’t care about the welfare of their escort. Luckily, one of my close friends referred me to Cleopatra Escorts. I researched the agency, and I was impressed with their policies, and so I decided to apply. I went through a rigorous screening process, and luckily, I passed the test, and the agency signed me. That is how my successful career as a London escort began.

One thing that I liked about the London agency that I work with is that they value their escorts and always put our interest first. The agency doesn’t force us to meet clients that we are comfortable with. Additionally, all details that I have shared with them have remained discreet. I have worked with them now for three years, and none of my family members know of what I do. That does not mean that I am not proud of what I do. In fact, I am very proud of my career, and if given a chance to choose a career again, I will still choose what I do. I am keeping my career a secret for the good of every person.

Being an escort in London is fun because you get to meet and interact with many incredible people from different parts of the world. My job is also flexible because I get to work at my own convenient time. The pay is also very good. But what I like the most about being an escort is that I get to make people happy.

For the three years that I have worked as an escort, I have come to realized that clients have different needs. Some clients just want someone to talk to, others want to have fun, while others what someone to show them around the city. My role as an escort is to ensure that I take care of my client’s unique needs, and am proud to say that I away do that.

If you are planning to visit London and looking for an escort to keep you company and have fun with during your stay in this great city, I am the right escort for you. When you hire me, your wish will be my command. I guarantee you that I will make your stay in this great city memorable. You will always look forward to coming back because of the great experience you will have.

Whether you want to relax and watch a movie all night or want someone to accompany you to an important business meeting, you won’t regret it, when you hire me.


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