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Every time someone mention the city of London great memories comes back to me and to my friends. We always had a great time there, especially in the city center of London. London is the best choice for every person who wants to have a night to remember. I would say London is the Las Vegas of Europe. You never get bored and always it is something new to discover in the city( you can even try the escorts London). When we went there for the first time, 3 years ago, we didn’t know what to expect. We’ve heard people saying it is a great city and so on but we didn’t believe much. We said we need to see for ourselves and this is what we did. We booked our flight and checked in a hotel in Kensington, which is in the city centre. Near our hotel, which was called Central Park Hotel, we had a 2 minute walk tube station and by 5 minute walk was the Kensington High street. It is a street full of shops where you can go shopping, have a nice coffee or meal. My girlfriend was so excited by our location in the central London because she had all this shops near by and she could go there by walking and not have her worrying about taxis or public transportation. Also a big bonus for her was the fact that the big store Selfridges was also close to our hotel, only 2 miles distance. On the other hand, for us men, the pubs and bars made us happy. Central London is full of them and it is hard to choose from all the variety, especially when you are travelling with a group. But we somehow managed that, by pleasing everyone. If someone like rock music, we would enter into a rock bar and have a pint. If another friend wanted to try the famous fish and chips we would do that and so on. Was the best decision we made because at the end of the night we all were hammered up but with a full belly. We tried from kebab food to their traditional fish and chips and much more that I can not remember properly. What I do remember is that we were on a nice Irish pub and the bartender told us that he has to close. We couldn’t imagine our night to end there. In the end we were in the amazing London where anything it is possible. So we decided to go walking and to stop wherever we find open. We did find few pubs where we could find lots of people having a great time.

They all were friendly and we team up with them and had a blast. This happened almost to any bar we went. I like this about London, where all people come together and enjoy themselves. It doesn’t matter where you are from, everyone wants to have a great night out. I think this happen especially because we all are a bunch of drinkers. The best part of the night was when we ended up in a club. It was located in an area called Mayfair. It supposed to be the one of the exclusivist area of London. The club was inside a 5 star hotel and it was full of nice ladies, all looking amazing. I was shocked by their looks and beauty. You could see it was a fancy club. The music was amazing, the drinks as well. We all are impressed. It was a classy club with classy people, especially the ladies. We’ve met some nice people there as well. Some of them even invited us to a private party but we had to decline as it was 5 am and in the morning we had to take the girls to the spa. We had a night to remember. We ended our night in style at this amazing club.

We’ve met new people with whom we intend to meet again when we are back in London. For sure London is an amazing place to visit. Every time we went there we did different things and discover new places. I agree with people that the nightlife in London is the best!


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